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Healthy Gluten-free Jamaican Patties {Vegan + Beef}

Prep: 1 hour Bake: 30 min Makes: 16


The cold weather and watching caribbean travel shows got me craving a bit of the island vibes, and I decided to make another batch of these delicious Healthy Gluten-free Jamaican Patties! I made it with my hubby and we had so much fun, so don't be afraid to ask for some help. It is a production, and does take a couple of hours - but no worries - just put on some Bob Marley or old school lovers rock reggae, dance and get cooking! These Jamaican patties are totally worth it as they are loaded with protein, B12, iron, magnesium, zinc - and the vegan lentil patties pack a lot of fibre power to help with gut health.

I made both vegan option if you are following a plant-based diet, and also a pasteurized, grass-fed beef option if you are following a keto diet or eat meat. Both options are delicious. While I follow and recommend a predominant plant-based diet to clients, it is just as important to share healthy meat options for everyone's lifestyle choice.