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Healthy Gluten-free Jamaican Patties {Vegan + Beef}

Prep: 1 hour Bake: 30 min Makes: 16


The cold weather and watching caribbean travel shows got me craving a bit of the island vibes, and I decided to make another batch of these delicious Healthy Gluten-free Jamaican Patties! I made it with my hubby and we had so much fun, so don't be afraid to ask for some help. It is a production, and does take a couple of hours - but no worries - just put on some Bob Marley or old school lovers rock reggae, dance and get cooking! These Jamaican patties are totally worth it as they are loaded with protein, B12, iron, magnesium, zinc - and the vegan lentil patties pack a lot of fibre power to help with gut health.

I made both vegan option if you are following a plant-based diet, and also a pasteurized, grass-fed beef option if you are following a keto diet or eat meat. Both options are delicious. While I follow and recommend a predominant plant-based diet to clients, it is just as important to share healthy meat options for everyone's lifestyle choice.


Ok, so here is how to make these patties. First, for time management, it's best to start with making the filling first, then the crust. You'll see why below. If you have gut issues, I recommend soaking the lentils for a couple of hours to ease digestion.




· 1.5 cups brown lentils, soaked and rinsed (or 1kg extra lean pasteurized,

grass-fed ground beef)

· 1 large onion, finely chopped

· 3 garlic cloves, finely chopped

· 2 green onions, finely chopped

· 2 tbsp avocado oil

· ½ tsp ground turmeric

· ½ tsp cumin seeds

· ½ tsp paprika

· ½ tsp allspice

· ½ tsp cayenne pepper

· 1 tsp ground black pepper

· 2 tsp Himalayan or sea salt (Real Salt)

· 3 tbsp arrowroot starch

· 2 tbsp coconut aminos (soy sauce alternative)

· 2-3 cups Vegetable broth

· 1 cup water




1. First, make the patties filling. Either brown lentils (vegan option) or pasteurized, grass-fed beef (meat option).

2. Add 2 tbsp of avocado oil to pan on medium heat. Add all spices (except salt and pepper), garlic and onions. Sauté until onions are golden/translucent.

3. Add lentils or beef and stir.

Vegan Lentil Option Pasteurized grass-fed lean ground beef option

4. Add vegetable broth and water. Bring to a boil, then cover reduce heat and simmer for 30 minutes. If you are using lentils, you may notice you need to add 1 more cup of water, as lentils soak up water really fast.

5. Add coconut aminos, salt and black pepper to taste.

6. Remove from heat and set aside to cool while you make the crust.




· 3 cups all purpose gluten-free flour

· 1 cup chickpea flour

· 2 tsp curry powder

· 2 teaspoon gluten-free baking powder

· 2 tbsp arrowroot starch

· 1 tsp Himalayan salt or sea salt

· 1.5 cups vegan butter (or grass-fed butter)

· 2 cups cold water

· 2 tbsp almond or coconut milk




1. To make the crust combine Gluten-Free All-Purpose Flour (I used Bob’s RedMill) in a bowl, add chickpea flour, curry powder, baking powder, salt in a large bowl and mix well.

2. Cut in vegan or grass-fed butter in the flour, using a pastry cutter or your hands until the dough is crumbly. Add cold water and mix to form a dough ball. Note: the dough will be sticky and wet, but no worries – this makes for a fantastic crispy crust! Cover bowl and refrigerate for 30 minutes.

3. Preheat oven 400 degrees F. Line a baking sheet with parchment paper and set aside.

4. Remove bowl from the refrigerator, divide dough into sixteen pieces. Using an extra sheet of parchment paper roll out each piece of dough into a 4-inch circle, about 1/8-inch thick. Add about 1- 2 tablespoons of lentils or beef mix to the centre.

5. Fold half the dough over the filling to make a half moon shape, then press the edges together using your fingers. Using a fork, press the edges to seal. Repeat until all the patties are filled.

6. Using a brush, glaze each patty with almond or coconut milk.

7. Transfer patties onto the baking sheet. Bake for 25- 30 minutes or until golden brown.

8. Serve and enjoy with a salad, some fresh veggies or with a bowl of soup!

For more healthy recipes, nutrition and wellness tips, connect with me on Instagram @fleurishwithmarilia or Facebook/fleurishnutrition.

Make sure to tag me on your photos if you decide to make these delicious Jamaican patties! I'd love to see your creation!! Or leave me a comment below.

Stay irie! xo


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