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Fleurish was founded by Marilia Pereira, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Culinary Nutrition Expert and Clinical Iridologist.  Created on a foundation of holistic integration with all services offered, Fleurish provides realistic nutritional and lifestyle solutions using a fresh whole foods approach, education with science-based information and alternative wellness modalities, supporting the relationship between body, mind and spirit, helping you to Fleurish in a life of great health and wellness.


The company's philosophy is to empower clients to develop healthy habits and to gain control of their health for a long-term healthy lifestyle.


Let Fleurish help to fine tune your nutrition and eating habits to get the most out of the good foods you already eat, while introducing other powerful, health-promoting foods to amplify the overall beneficial effects for a health and more independent future!


Holistic nutrition is more than just food and restrictive diets - it's about restoring your health on a cellular level, using whole foods, herbs, supplements and wellness therapies, based on your individual biochemistry, to improve your health. You are what you eat, absorb, assimilate and eliminate. This dynamic relationship of the body's system is unique to each person and why it is important to understand exactly what's going on in your body regarding your health.  Holistic nutrition gives you the natural tools to build better health, because who you are today is a result of your whole lifestyle. 


We know it can be extremely overwhelming trying to figure our what's best with the vast information available these days, and that's where the help of a registered holistic nutritionist can help.  A holistic nutritionist will educate, inspire and guide you with a nutritional and wellness plan for YOU. 


We would love to have the opportunity to work with you and see you Fleurish with excellent health!

"Let food be thy medine, and thy medicine be thy food."

- Hippocrates (470 - 860 B.C.) 




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